11 June 2013

Our Top Ten Craft Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

Ahh Fathers’s Day, that great time of the year you have to praise your auld fella.
Don’t just get him a boring card, if you need help coming up with a gift idea we here at artysmaty have come up with a list of cool crafty gift ideas to make the your dad look slick!

There is nothing like getting dressed up in a suit, you just can’t beat it!  You can make it that bit fancier with a tie bar and get it personalized just for him and best of all it’s not too hard on the pocket.
 Tie Bar
If your father is any thing like mine he likes his gadgets, most of all his i-phone! So a nice hand-stitched leather i-phone case that doubles as a wallet is the perfect gift.
 iphone case
This gift idea is a little on the pricey side of things be I’m sure any father would love to have it!  It’s a simple homebrew starter kit, with everything you need for a few gallons of lager!
Here is a great one, get a personalized print for you dad and write the whole thing yourself.  May sound a little cheesy but I’m sure it will be appreciated more then you know.   Plus it looks pretty!

Thanks Dad
Prefer something a little less wordy?  Here is a great little idea for another customized present.  It’s a cute photograph print where you a add your own pictures to print say “Auld Fella” or what ever you like.
 Fathers day pint
When it comes to fashion it’s all about the little things and here is one of them.  There is nothing more dapper then a lovely pocket square it just compliments a suit.  Here is a pretty one with an even prettier price!pocket square
My old man has already gotten himself a pretty nice hat collection but I’m sure that he wouldn’t say no to another one. Here is a men’s classic for you.

Back hat

Fathers day is slap bang in the middle of summer, one of the rare times in the year where men try to cook.  So here a gift the may (more may not) help them do a good job!

How about some cool minimalist artwork to hang on the wall for your dad? If that doesn’t float his boat I don’t know what will!

Geometric Minimalist Print
Now for some shameless self promotion! We have just made a new series of personalized cufflinks for this Father’s Day, which you can check out over on Not On The High Street and tell us what you think!
 Barcode cufflinks

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