27 August 2012

Cupan Tae

I was down in Galway for the Arts Festival a few weekends ago and I came across the cutest tea shop ever, Cupan Tae!

Even though the photos are probably a bit ropy, am sure you get the idea, lovely crockery, delish cakes and a really nice atmosphere and service.  

If you're in Galway, I would highly recommend the carrot cake. 

20 August 2012

NCAD Summer School

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that seeing as I am self employed and should be reaping the benefits and therefore I should give myself a week off to indulge in some painting and drawing!  Why wouldn't you?  So I did.

NCAD on Thomas Street run their summer school and offer great classes and environment for picking up a few new skills.

Everyone in the class was up for it and there was loads of expertise and a great creative buzz in the room....

If you can sit really still for a few hours, might I suggest a job as a life model...I really don't know how either of the models managed to stay so focused and still for hours at a time.

Anyhoo, hope you enjoyed the sneak peak.

13 August 2012

New Collection Photo Shoot

We have been working tres hard on the new spring summer 2013 collection and have at last locked in the final designs.  Phew!  So, what is more important than taking some great shots of the new pieces.  Step in Micheal Holly, who works in the same studio as me, to take some great shots.

We set up camp in a really nice studio on South William Street, and got the full collection done in a day!  Nice work!

Some of the results above.

06 August 2012

Thanks Pauline!

artysmarty was lucky enough to have an intern for June and July, Pauline from Nante in France.  Apart from doing loads of jobs in the office and acting as our in-house model she was also great fun and taught us loads of swear words in French!  What more could we ask for?!!

Thanks Pauline!

Pauline and Judith

Treats for the last day!

Pauline and me-self!

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