20 June 2012

Dolly dresses?!?

I do love a bit of sewing action, obviously only when I'm not slaving away for artysmarty, and I made use of some fabric scraps for my friend's daughter's dolly, Angela (no relation) the other day.  So, I had kind of a template of her existing dress from a paper placemat that I had traced onto when I was at a restaurant with them.  

From that I drafted a tissue paper pattern, one front panel, one back left and one back right.  Was kind of guessing around the neck and arm holes, but I'd taken a measurement of her hands so I knew they fitted through.  Note the left handed scissors!

As I am lazy, instead of lining the dress I decided to just put binding tape, folded elastic and lace around the openings (neck and arm holes) to give a nice finish and no fraying.

Two ways of closing the dress, one easy velcro (glued in with textile glue) and zipper (which wasn't that much harder).  I think the zipper has it on the finish and will probably be more durable.



Once I got cutting was just as quick to whip up a few colour-ways...I think the Russian Dolls fabric takes the prize, although the Amy Butler grey and yellow spots is pretty funky too.  Will try and get a model shot on herself to give you the full effect! 

19 June 2012

Made in Clerkenwell 24th-27th May 2012

I was in London a few weeks ago and my clever friend suggested that we check out an open studio evening in Clerkenwell.  Two buildings, 21 Clerkenwell Green and 33-35 St. John's Square (pictured above) were open to the public over the 3 days.  Each building was stuffed full of art and craft workers making a massive variety of things, jewellery, textiles, homewares, furniture, fine art, ceramics and all other number of bits and pieces.  They had a very cool set up, with a DJ, booze and food in the foyer and then everyone had their studios prettied up for the event.  I bought some stuff from Michelle Mason who supplies Liberty, I had total product envy!  They are holding the event again at the end of the year I think, take a look at the website if you're keen!  Made in Clerkenwell
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