28 May 2011

See you at the Flea Tomorrow!

Neigggghhh (insert own horse noise)!  Get you and your trusty stead down to the Flea tomorrow for horses, bargains and what nots.  I'll be there (free Kit Kats with every purchase) with my new collection of Autumn / Winter 2011 stuff.  Official launch is 10th of June to tie in with the Designer Dublin Craft Trail but want to unleash it on the Flea punters and see what they think of it.  It's only the new woodcut necklaces with some new resin pendants in the pipe line. 

Right, that's all for now!  Smell you at the Flea!

20 May 2011

Designer Dublin Craft Trail Friday 10th June

Things to do, things to do, things to do!

It's been a busy month, I am trying to get ready for the launch of my new range and have decided to tie it in with the Designer Dublin Craft Trail that's happening on the 10th of June.

I have a rake of new designs to launch, some cool new religious imagery bits and bobs and some crazy carousel horse stuff.  I will be posting up some images as soon as they're done but they'll be ready to launch on the 10th June.

The Designer Dublin Craft Trail is part of loads of events that are happening in June as part of the Year of Carft 2011.  The Enterprise Board are supporting it and have made some great flyers with all the low down.  Most events are free and some with a small cost, like a fiver, that kind of price range.  There are talks with Irish designers and  the Craft Trail consists of 20 studios hosting an open studio night on Friday 10th June from 5-8pm.  You can go in and have a nosey at people's studios and if you buy something on the night you go into a draw to win a hamper of designer stuff worth EUR500.  Pretty good, what?!  I'd say some of them will have free booze too.  Find me at Studio 9, Basement, 9 North Great Georges Street, Dublin 1.  Good times!
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