30 November 2010

Are you getting that Christmas feeling?

All this lovely snow, what does it make you think of doing?  Spending money you don't have on Christmas presents!  Hooray!  If you are thinking of doing just that, head on over the the National Craft & Design Fair at the RDS, starting tomorrow 10am.  Goes from tomorrow 10am-10pm, Thursday, Friday 10am-10pm and if that's not enough Saturday and Sunday too, 10am till 6pm.  Phew!

I will be there on the balcony, stand B52 (like the shot) flogging my wares, and there will be 10% discount all day tomorrow and some Christmas specials all the time!

So if you don't know it, it's on at the RDS, main complex, check the link below on how to get there!

Hope to see you there x

1 comment:

  1. I really like the pearls necklace it is really elegant. Since my favourite color is pink, I liked it very much.


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