13 July 2010

Ceramic Artist Frances Lambe...beautiful....!

Took a spin down to Kilkenny today, just on the train back now actually, and went to an exhibition of ceramic work by Frances Lambe, which was absolutely beautiful.  The image doesn't really do the work justice but if you're into ceramics look her up for some inspiration.  Not exactly sure of her technique but I reckon that the stippling is done while the piece is leather hard by hand....some job!  

09 July 2010

George Bernard Shaw ToeJam Car Boot Sale! Tomorrow!

Yes, it's that time again...the Bernard Shaw Car Boot Sale!  It's on tomorrow, it's really got some great stuff, bargains, bargains, bargains.  If you're not sure where it is, check out the map below!

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06 July 2010

Hmmmm, nice new earrings from artysmarty!

What do you reckon?  I have some new earrings, hot off the press so to speak, that I'll be flogging at the Bernard Shaw Car Boot sale this weekend.  Just a small sample here, will have a lovely range for the day.  Oh, and below is a new pretty necklace!

02 July 2010

Crafty Market in Shebeen Chic this Sunday!

Sick of soccer, fagged-out with football?  Come and get some crafty action at Shebeen Chic on Sunday.  There will be tunes, food and handmade stuff.  Get you're fella something cool, sure bring him along (am sure he'd prefer that to watching the football, wha'?!!).
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