07 January 2009

The 'frame' for our kiln is a standard incinerator bin which was bought from a hardware shop and is about 70 litres volume. This was an easy option for us as the gas burner that we bought works up to 2.5 - 3 cubic feet which is about right for this bin when lined.

I purchased a kiln starter kit from Castree Kilns
http://www.castreekilns.co.uk/raku_kilns_71.html in the UK who offer all the materials required for a bin of this size. If you're getting materials separately you will need;
Ceramic Fibre Blanket (128KG/m³ and 1260°C grade), a gas burner, rigidiser, kiln batt, kiln props, ceramic buttons, nichrome wire, raku tongs, pair of gauntlets, pair of goggles and a protective apron.

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